So we’ve been out in force again this week – this time our singers were serenading unsuspecting Christmas shoppers with their flash-mob antics!

Angling for an invite to perform with local celeb Rag n Bone Man on his upcoming tour, SOTC took to the streets of Brighton to perform a flash-mob version of R&BM’s song ‘Human’ – and no amount of inclement weather could stop them!

It was so good, even Santa was trying to get in on the action when the choir-mob descended on the Brighton Christmas market!

Keep ‘em peeled for videos on our YouTube channel….





You may know him as our soloist on festive classic Fairytale of New York – but our Choir member Mike Hanna also presents the twice-weekly ‘MIKE HANNA’S VINTAGE AMERICAN JUKEBOX’ on Brighton’s on-line Coastway Radio, just after 9 P.M. on Wednesday and Saturday nights.

Mike’s playlist is a mixture of classic American Rhythm & Blues, Rock & Roll and Soul records form the 1950s and 60s. The next show is a special tribute to the late great FATS DOMINO, one of the founding fathers of Rock & Roll. This is scheduled to go out on the following dates: 15th, 18th, 22nd and 25 November. Just Google ‘Coastway Radio Listen Live’.

Enjoy !!!

It’s Christmas time… well, almost!


Halloween is dead. Bonfire night has gone bang. There’s only one thing on our minds – CHRISTMAS!!!

As I write this blog, faithful readers, there are just 46 sleeps till the big day. And that means it’s officially OK to start listening to Christmas songs.

A psychologist has warned this week that listening to Christmas music can be bad for your health. Not so, say we! Here at SOTC Towers, we LOVE a festive tune, and always sing a Christmas song or two at our winter concert.

So what’s your favourite Christmas ditty? We’ve performed arrangements of Merry Christmas Everyone, Fairytale of New York, and have some more up our sleeve for this year’s gig on 16 December at All Saints Church (*Date for your Diary Klaxon*).

Share with us the Xmas tunes that get you in festive cheer, and we might even incorporate them into our future sets!





Giants of Song!


Last night, some of our SOTC choir members took to the stage of the Concorde 2 to perform with the Nordic Giants! They had been working on the performance as part of a special project for this term, called ‘Choir Extra’.

SOTC were thrilled to be invited to sing with the Giants, as those who have seen their live show will attest, it is a visceral experience that goes beyond the normal descriptors. Each mind-blowing performance involves a chosen few short films, which are soundtracked live with atmospheric soundscapes. The duo create an audio-visual experience with bowed guitar, a piano that is both haunting and rousing, and climactic and thunderous drums.

Our guys had to get into the spirit of things by covering themselves in grey paint (no joke!) and I have it on good authority that some choir members are still – a day later – finding errant flecks of grey about their person!



Here at SOTC we LOVE a flash-mob! We’ve performed them at music festivals, out and about in town, and may have another surprise one coming up at a local landmark!

But what are they? And where have they come from?

Well flash-mobs first come to prominence in 2003 in the USA, where they were initially used for marketing. They later morphed into vehicle for entertainment and artistic expression. A group of people assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an ‘unusual act’ for a brief time, then quickly disperse.

Rather unsurprisingly, our ‘unusual act’ is singing songs! We’ve infiltrated unsuspecting shoppers and festival go-ers before suddenly bursting into song… but where will we pop up next? Keep yours eyes open and your ears peeled…



Support SOTC’s charity of the year


This year, SOTC is raising money for a fantastic local charity, Grow.

The Grow Project promotes wellness and recovery from mental health issues using the healing power of nature.

Grow provides opportunities to improve wellbeing, social and community connections and skills and resources in a safe supportive group setting which inspires hope and re-ignites passion for life. Working in partnership with the National Trust, Grow supports people to connect with nature, each other and themselves through a variety of activities such as walking, conservation work, shepherding, green woodworking, wild art and much more.

Few people have not been touched in some way by mental health issues – whether it be you, or a friend, relative or colleague who has struggled. If you donate now, the Local Giving campaign Grow Your Tenner (aptly named!) will match your donation – so donate if you can, spread the word, and share the good work of Grow with friends and family. Times are tough for small local charities like Grow, so anything you can do to support this fantastic cause will be most gratefully received.



What’s in it for me?


So everyone in SOTC knows that choir is great, but if you’ve never given choral singing a go, what are the benefits? Our very own Alto 1, Emma, has listed her top 12 reasons why she loves choir…

1. If you want to connect with people and have a good natter, join a choir.
2. If you want to connect with people but not talk to anyone, join a choir.
3. If you want a hobby that can challenge you, join a choir.
4. If you want to keep your mind alert and memory tip top, join a choir.
5. If you want to be in the moment and not think about the past or future for a couple of hours, join a choir.
6. If you want to feel pure joy in your heart, rhythm in your body and music in your soul, join a choir.
7.If you are grief stricken, anxiety ridden, depressed, hormonal, stressed at work, join a choir.
8. If you want to see yourself grow and develop in all sorts of ways, join a choir.
9. If you suffer with asthma and want help controlling your breathing, join a choir.
10. If you don’t have family local to you and you miss interacting with all ages, being part of a community, join a choir.
11. If you want to feel inspired – there is nothing braver than seeing others put themselves out there with solos, join a choir.
12. If you want to make meaningful, lasting friendships, join a choir.

We couldn’t agree more, Emma!


Step into the limelight!


Next week, soloist auditions start at choir.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a soloist? Then why not give it a go!

While the mantra of SOTC is that ‘everyone can sing’, for a few specially selected songs each year, we give choir members the opportunity to throw their hat into the ring, and audition for a solo.

So what does it feel like to be a soloist? And what do you need to sparkle on the stage?

Well, it takes guts just to get through the door of the audition room (take it from one who knows!). But once you’re in there, the atmosphere is incredibly warm and supportive, and totally non-judgmental. If you are lucky enough to be picked (and every year there is a bounty of fabulous singers to choose from), then the time comes to put in the work, both in and outside rehearsals. It’s also a fantastic excuse to buy a special new outfit for the show! And yes, it means the experience on show day can be a bit more anxiety-ridden than if you are just performing as part of the choir ensemble, but once the time comes and you step into the spotlight, look out at the wonderful smiling faces in the audience, take up the mic and sing your little heart out, it’s totally worth it! AND I have it on good authority that it means you get bought more drinks at the aftershow party….

So what are you waiting for?! Get your name down and audition away!


And the winner is….


So this week, we asked you to vote for your favourite ever Soul Of The City song.

There have been some belters over the years – from soulful and sassy, to spine-tingly and poignant – we’ve taken on the traditional, the modern, the festive, and everything in between, all with the unique SOTC spin (and don’t forget those signature dance moves!).

The winner of our poll was Hozier’s 2014 rock-soul banger ‘Take me to Church’, which we sang at our Christmas 2015 concert and featured David Moffat on lead vocals. It was a resounding winner with a whopping 44% of the vote!

Will any of this term’s songs be a rival for our current fave…?


It’s good to be back!


After the long and (occasionally) hot summer break, it felt fabulous to get back to singing again this week!

And boy are we excited for this term’s tunes! ‘Love’ is certainly in the air as it features in a couple of our songs, and we can’t believe that in week one, Vanessa had us singing in a fairly convincing six-part harmony… just imagine how good we’ll sound by Christmas!

And some of our members have been busily spreading the word about choir even over the summer holiday. The lovely Dene from Alto 1s was interviewed for Hove Park Living Magazine, and talked about how much she loves choir! Check it out here: