Shower Singing!


We always say to people that everyone is welcome in our choir, even if you’ve only sung in the shower before.

However, this new study suggests that shower singing might actually be the best place to start when looking for musical inspiration.

Check out the report here.

So we expect you to be singing your hearts out in the shower every day to prep for the Christmas Concert, perhaps a little air guitar would help too! ;)

Choir sings the Prodigy!


Hi everyone,

I hope you’re having a good half term break.

Check out this amazing video of Viva Vox Choir singing the Prodigy. It just proves that a choir can rock any song!

Thanks to Tony Harris for sharing this one a while back.

Drinking Water


Vanessa always tells you how important it is to drink water for your singing voice, here’s a good article that explains why!

Calculate how much water you need to drink with this handy tool.

Even pros like Adele can over work their voice, so its a good idea to take care of it when singing in a choir.

Happy singing!


Singing is as good for you as yoga!


At Soul of the City Choir we know how good for you singing can be, but this new study has proven it!

Apparently singing in a group makes your hearts beat in time (how romantic!), and therefore can lower your blood pressure.

Read all about it here!

Can’t wait to hear all you hearts beating time at the rehearsal on Tuesday.

Happy singing!

Best use of a choir in Rock and Pop Songs?


BBC 6 Music had a poll recently asking what people thought the best use of a choir was in any rock or pop song. One of the most popular answers seems to be You Can’t Always Get What You Want by The Rolling Stones, which we definitely agree is one of the best! Check out their competition HERE.  Here are some of our other top choices:

1. Talking Heads – Road to Nowhere

2. U2 – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For – One for you Hassocks!

3. Quindon Tarver – When Doves Cry (Prince cover for the Romeo and Juliet Movie)

What do you reckon Soul of the City singers? Which is your favourite song that uses a choir?

The songs we’re singing!


The first week of term has been fantastic, we’re so happy to be singing again. Here are two of the great songs Brighton and Hassocks choir will be singing this term.

I’ve chosen two examples from Last Choir Standing you can see the full affect of a choir belting out these classics!

Hassocks, we’ll be singing a great version of I’ll Be There:

Brighton, we’ll be getting our groove on with the fab Try a Little Tenderness!:

I bet you can’t wait to get your teeth into these two. See you all next week for singing fun!

Get ready for our September term!


It is official our new term is nearly here! Brighton Choir starts back on Tuesday 17th September and Hassocks starts on Wednesday 18th September.  Singing is definitely one of the best ways to shake off any back to work blues so get those vocal chords ready!

Here’s some inspiration, if you thought our vocal warm ups were strange check out these guys :

Great Start to Term (plus some inspiration!)


Hi everyone,

It has been a great start to term so far, the atmosphere is really buzzing! Its great to see some new faces in the choir, as well as returning members, we can tell already that you guys are going to rock! This term in Brighton we’re using the Pentatonix’s version of Somebody That I Used to Know for inspiration (check out that video here)

But we’ve also been blown away by there evolution of music video, just proves that group singing is timeless. Take a look!

We are running one more taster in Brighton tomorrow, Tuesday 7th May and one more in Hassocks on Wednesday 15th May. So if you find singing inspiring why not come along and try it for yourself!

Summer Term Singing Fun, Join Us!


We had a fantastic start to the new term last week.  After 2 brilliant concerts, we’re so excited to be singing again!!

We still have a few places left in both choirs at the moment so why not come along and join the fun!?

Many people we speak to are often nervous about giving singing a try or think that they can’t sing at all.  We say, give it a go and we’re sure you’ll love it, singing is amazing and we’ll teach you everything you need to know. The songs this term are fab, come and see!

Brighton Taster Sessions and Term Dates:
Rehearsing at St Paul’s School, St Nicholas Road, Brighton 

Free Taster Sessions: 23rd & 30th April, 7th May – 7.30pm – 9.00pm
Term: running until Tuesday 9th July
End of Term Gig : Either Saturday 13th or Sunday 14th July (TBC)

Hassocks Taster Sessions and Term Dates:
Rehearsing at Downlands School, Dale Ave, Hassocks 

Free Taster Sessions: 24th April, 1st & 15th May – 7.30pm – 9.00pm
Term: running until Wednesday 17th July
End of Term Gig : Saturday 20th July

We look forward to singing with you soon!

We’ve been experiencing problems with our website so if you’d like more information or would like to book a taster, please contact us at:

Spring Concerts – One down, one to go!


We had the most amazing time at The Hub this Saturday! The Hassocks choir sang beautifully to a packed out venue. Thank you to all the choir members for their hard work. It definitely paid off!

We are so excited for the Brighton choir’s gig this Saturday 6th April at St Mary’s church. Doors open at 7pm. Get ready to be blown away by a fun set list and hundreds of amazing voices! You can buy tickets by clicking the link below: