And the winner is….


So this week, we asked you to vote for your favourite ever Soul Of The City song.

There have been some belters over the years – from soulful and sassy, to spine-tingly and poignant – we’ve taken on the traditional, the modern, the festive, and everything in between, all with the unique SOTC spin (and don’t forget those signature dance moves!).

The winner of our poll was Hozier’s 2014 rock-soul banger ‘Take me to Church’, which we sang at our Christmas 2015 concert and featured David Moffat on lead vocals. It was a resounding winner with a whopping 44% of the vote!

Will any of this term’s songs be a rival for our current fave…?


It’s good to be back!


After the long and (occasionally) hot summer break, it felt fabulous to get back to singing again this week!

And boy are we excited for this term’s tunes! ‘Love’ is certainly in the air as it features in a couple of our songs, and we can’t believe that in week one, Vanessa had us singing in a fairly convincing six-part harmony… just imagine how good we’ll sound by Christmas!

And some of our members have been busily spreading the word about choir even over the summer holiday. The lovely Dene from Alto 1s was interviewed for Hove Park Living Magazine, and talked about how much she loves choir! Check it out here:




Roundhouse ROCKED!


Our incredible day and evening at the Roundhouse well and truly rocked last week. The final performance was dazzling, and what an opportunity to perform in an amazing space, with full sound and lighting production, and with some truly phenomenal singers! We are now counting ourselves as Willy Mason and Mara’s official backing singers, and are waiting for the tour bus to pick us up to whisk us off on the road!

We are now full steam ahead into another two gigs this weekend – both at The Old Market on Saturday. There are a handful of tickets available for the 5pm performance, so if you are lucky you can grab some:

Following these gigs, we have a little break for the summer, and then rehearsals start up again in September. If you’d like to come join us, just drop us a line!

The challenge is on!


Excitement is building as SOTC choir embarks on it’s biggest challenge yet – four gigs in seven days!

Kicking proceedings off will be the Voices Now festival at the Roundhouse on Sunday. Our first performance will be at the Roundhouse Open Stage at midday. We then get ready for the big gig on Sunday night, in the main event space, which has a capacity of 1,700! Eeek!

So with the temperatures rising, how can we look after our voices to ensure we are sounding great for our two performances on Sunday 9 July?

Top tips are -

  • Make sure you warm up. I’m sure the coach trip from Brighton to London will provide ample opportunity for this!
  • Stay hydrated – drinking plenty of water is key to keeping those vocal chords in good shape.
  • Get a good night’s sleep. No late nights on Saturday and don’t let the pre-performance nerves keep you awake!

If you are need of a ticket, they are still available here:

And if you’d like to see us at the Old Market on Saturday 15 July, a few tickets for our 5pm performance are still available here:

Roundhouse is NEXT WEEK!


Unbelievably, the SOTC Choir performance at the Roundhouse is next week! Hasn’t that come around quickly!

Singing together is becoming an increasingly important activity for more and more people in our rapidly changing world, but everyone’s journey is different and personal.

The Voices Now festival will see the Roundhouse ChoirVeda Slovena Bulgarian ChoirCôr LlunsainLondon Humanist Choir and Soul of the City explore why we sing and why we sing together.

The choirs have been collaborating with 3 artist curators: American singer-songwriter Willy Mason, singer and arranger Mara Carlyle and choir leader and arranger Osnat Schmool (Filament Theatre) to create a unique evening of song and stories exploring music from all over the world.

We are really excited and cannot wait! If you would like to come and support us on 9 July, tickets are available here:

See you there!

Tickets are GO! And Roundhouse news…


Exciting news, SOTC fans, tickets for our Old Market gigs on 15 July are now online! Grab yours while you can here:


and 8pm:

And who could forget that on Sunday 9th July, we will be singing at The Roundhouse in Camden as part of the Voices Now Festival – all your groupies can get tickets and more info about the event here: The lovely photo is of our hard-working singers relaxing in the sun after a grueling extra rehearsal for our Roundhouse show!

What an exciting month July is going to be!

GROW your own way…


This term, Soul of the City is proud to be supporting local charity, Grow. Grow is a small local charity which uses nature to improve wellbeing, working especially with people with mental health issues.

The Grow Project has been running courses for over five years, welcoming people from all over Sussex and encouraging them to get outdoors, reconnect with nature and improve their wellbeing.

Grow helps people to learn nature-connection resources that improve wellbeing; have wonderful days out that re-inspire & re-invigorate, and discover community links to develop skills & interests.

Find out more about them here:



Get ‘em while you can!


Exciting news – tickets for next month’s gig at the Old Market on 15 July are NOW ONLINE!!

You can purchase tickets for our matinee performance here:

Our Old Market shows are sell-outs so you better be quick about it!

And don’t forget to bring your fans along to our after show party, watch this space for details…..

Double trouble!


Excitingly, this term the Hassocks and Brighton choirs come together to perform not one, but TWO gigs in one day at the stunning Old Market in Hove on Saturday 15 July.

As this venue always sells out for SOTC gigs, we thought we’d give our fans a real treat this time by performing a matinee at 5:30pm, and an evening performance at 8:00pm! So bring one, bring all, and don’t forget to get your tickets at rehearsals! Tickets are also due to be available to purchase on the interweb, so watch this space….

The only bummer is that even though there are two shows, we are only having one after show party. Guess we’ll just have to really go for it when we hit the pub at the end of what is set to be an epic day!


Sing up loud, sing up clear…


….But not too loud.

Sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and that can certainly be true with a choir. A key aspect of choir singing is that the sound produced is the result of lots of voices singing together…Blending in a choir is key to getting a unified sound. It’s super that individuals can sing confidently, but if certain voices are sticking out, it’s not a choir anymore – it’s just a group of soloists!

Plus, variations in volume through the course of a song help bring light and shade to the piece, and achieve those lovely ‘swells’ that get Vanessa really excited! So next time you’re in rehearsal, listen to what’s going on around you. If you are quieter that those standing next to you, sing up!  And if you’re warbling away like Mariah Carey and your choir buddies are sticking their fingers in their ears to save their eardrums, maybe best reign it in a bit!