We all know the difficulties and technical struggle we face while rehearsing and practising the songs for our up coming gig but did you know that singing is good for your health?

Singing within a choir brings happiness and it has also been found that singing within a choir synchronises choir members heartbeats when they sing together which brings about a calming effect that can be as beneficial to our health as Yoga!  This can deliver a host of physical and emotional benefits, including improved breathing, posture, mind-set, confidence and self-esteem.

Which brings me on to our charity of choice this term and that is the wonderful Grow, a charity that has been running for over 5 years that welcomes people from all over Sussex to get outdoors together, reconnect with nature and improve their well-being; the same benefits as singing in a choir.

If you are coming to our gig we will have buckets for you to kindly deposit any loose change that you may have that will contribute to this wonderful and much needed charity.  You can also get all the information regarding Grow by clicking the link below.