6 weeks in and we have tears, tears and pain, oh and some disco thrown in too; there’ll be crying at the discotheque! 

For those of you coming to our gig on March 25th this is shaping up to being our best yet. This week Vanessa was pushing us technically to deliver on a song so massively recognisable it will set fire to that reminicent part of your brain that it may bring on a tear or two, a song so ethereal it will give you goosebumps and I have to confess will take your breath away! 

There’s so many clues to what song it is we are singing in there but if you’re struggling here’s another clue.  Click the link below for the amazing vocals of Elizabeth Fraser and the Cocteau twins singing Carolyn’s Fingers, boy can she sing and yes she is singing in English!  What’s so amazing about her voice is that she is fearless with it and able to make meaningless lyrics sound so poignant, an effortless story teller.