With both of Soul of the City’s Spring Gigs approaching this weekend, we ask ourselves – how do you get the most out of a performance?

  • If you suffer from stage fright, focus solely on getting through that very first line. Once that’s out of the way, everything tends to fall into place, so giving yourself something specific to do before singing your first note can work wonders!
  • Enjoy the feeling of being on stage, look around you in rehearsals to get used to the size of the performance space and think how much energy you will need to fill that space.
  • As Johnny once (almost) said to Baby in Dirty Dancing – The words aren’t enough…….FEEL the music!
  • Vibe off the audience – just take the time to appreciate how much they are enjoying hearing you sing!
  • Lap up the moment – this is what all your hard work has been for, so bask in the glory!