One of the best things about choir is getting to know the wonderful, diverse bunch of people who come together to sing, laugh and socialise every week.

This week, Kate, a member of our Brighton choir, tells us why she loves being a SOTC singer….

“I joined Soul of the City Hassocks when it started. I have always loved music and singing so thought I would see what the taster was like…I loved it so much I stayed. I am currently a member of the Brighton choir and I enjoy every week! Being part of the choir means so much more to me now; I’ve always struggled with my confidence, self esteem and mental health and last year I was diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder.

Even on days when I’m struggling I make sure I come to choir because singing puts a smile on my face! Soul of the City helps keep me going, Vanessa is so encouraging and a bundle of fun which is just what we all need sometimes!”