Next week, soloist auditions start at choir.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a soloist? Then why not give it a go!

While the mantra of SOTC is that ‘everyone can sing’, for a few specially selected songs each year, we give choir members the opportunity to throw their hat into the ring, and audition for a solo.

So what does it feel like to be a soloist? And what do you need to sparkle on the stage?

Well, it takes guts just to get through the door of the audition room (take it from one who knows!). But once you’re in there, the atmosphere is incredibly warm and supportive, and totally non-judgmental. If you are lucky enough to be picked (and every year there is a bounty of fabulous singers to choose from), then the time comes to put in the work, both in and outside rehearsals. It’s also a fantastic excuse to buy a special new outfit for the show! And yes, it means the experience on show day can be a bit more anxiety-ridden than if you are just performing as part of the choir ensemble, but once the time comes and you step into the spotlight, look out at the wonderful smiling faces in the audience, take up the mic and sing your little heart out, it’s totally worth it! AND I have it on good authority that it means you get bought more drinks at the aftershow party….

So what are you waiting for?! Get your name down and audition away!