So everyone in SOTC knows that choir is great, but if you’ve never given choral singing a go, what are the benefits? Our very own Alto 1, Emma, has listed her top 12 reasons why she loves choir…

1. If you want to connect with people and have a good natter, join a choir.
2. If you want to connect with people but not talk to anyone, join a choir.
3. If you want a hobby that can challenge you, join a choir.
4. If you want to keep your mind alert and memory tip top, join a choir.
5. If you want to be in the moment and not think about the past or future for a couple of hours, join a choir.
6. If you want to feel pure joy in your heart, rhythm in your body and music in your soul, join a choir.
7.If you are grief stricken, anxiety ridden, depressed, hormonal, stressed at work, join a choir.
8. If you want to see yourself grow and develop in all sorts of ways, join a choir.
9. If you suffer with asthma and want help controlling your breathing, join a choir.
10. If you don’t have family local to you and you miss interacting with all ages, being part of a community, join a choir.
11. If you want to feel inspired – there is nothing braver than seeing others put themselves out there with solos, join a choir.
12. If you want to make meaningful, lasting friendships, join a choir.

We couldn’t agree more, Emma!