This week, meet Russ, who as well as singing with our Brighton choir, is performing as a support act at our end of term gig next week!

I joined Soul of the City Brighton at the beginning of 2017.  I knew I loved singing but I didn’t have the confidence or outlet to go it alone. A friend suggested I try joining a choir, and after some Googling I found Soul of the City.

 It was terrifying turning up for the first time and trying something completely unfamiliar! I was made to feel really welcome by everyone, especially the other guys in the tenor and bass sections. There is a genuine sense of camaraderie, and I really felt this when we went to the Roundhouse for the gathering day for the Voices Now festival that is happening in July.

 I have met people I probably wouldn’t otherwise have encountered, and have now got an activity and interest that is completely unconnected to my work, which is refreshing! I’ve been really enjoying this term and have been in awe of how the harmonies and arrangements are constructed and composed- it can be challenging sometimes to get the parts right, but it sounds amazing when it all comes together.

 I would encourage anybody who loves singing, or just wants to get out and meet new people to give it a go.